This game was made during the 32nd Ludum Dare (make a game in 48h contest) the theme of which was: "An Unconventional Weapon".

During the Ludum Dare (compo) you have to make a game from scratch in 48 hours, including code, graphics, sounds, music and everything else!

Grab your plush, little girl, it's zombie night! Use your telekinesis power (or your mouse) to draw the path your Unicorn plush must take and let it impale zombies! Survive as long as you can and try to beat your friend's best scores!

This game does not look like much and isn't really. But I got such awesome reviews and rankings! Especially with the theme "An unconventional weapon". The base mechanic of the game ("draw the path you unikorn plush weapon will take") was central and I've never seen such a mechanic to be used in other platformer games, so I did not know if it would have been welcomed or not. Turns out it did! I was ranked 61st (out of a few thousand) in the "Theme" category!