Dark Rabbit

This game was made during the 31st Ludum Dare (make a game in 48h contest) the theme of which was: "Entire game on one screen".

During the Ludum Dare (compo) you have to make a game from scratch in 48 hours, including code, graphics, sounds, music and everything else!

Dark Rabbit is a game in which you are a evil genious, for a rabbit I mean. You want to take your revenge on the kid that tortured you while a little cute rabbit. To do that, you decide to kill all kids you'll encounter. Of course kids tend to catch you too, when they're smart enough.

The kids will go after you so you need to make them fall into different kind of traps you will set for them. You have an arsenal at your disposal: holes with hungry rabbits in it, razor-burgers, TNT and a carrot gun in case the trap aren't enough.

What will you score be?