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Hi! My name is Loïc, I'm 28. I am passionate about computers and computer programming since I am 12. It started as a hobby. And then became my job. I develop websites, APIs and applications for a living (so web oriented projects) but I'm versatile and I like to tackle some C++ programs and video games on my spare time.

On this personal website, you will be able to find some of my projects as well as a mini-blog on which I write down some code snippets, share my discoveries or any thoughts of any kind.

Photo Safari in Namibia and Botswana

I spent about 20 days in Namibia and Botswana, including 15 crossing deserts, the Okawango Delta, exploring natural reserves and taking pictures of animals.

I had the chance to see the Africa big five (lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalos) as well as plenty other iconic African mammals and birds. Some of them from really up close…

Ydra Island

Fluffy (C++)

Fluffy is a 2D video game basic framework. Its objective is not to be the best and fastest out there, but simply to help prototyping games. It is still under development.

Fluffy also allows me to try out cool features such as an ECS, an event system, C++ unit testing, content driven development, C++14 and 17 features when they fit and I hope to add scripting, prefabs and an asset pipeline soon.

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I made this game during the 41st Ludum Dare (make a game in 48h contest) the theme of which was: “Combine 2 Incompatible Genres”. So I tried to mix a platformer gamer with a sport one. I must admit this wasn’t very successful, but each Game Jam is a good opportunity for me to try out and accentuate different aspects of game making and this time it was AI (that I kinda made a little bit too hard to beat) with different roles for opponent players.

Game overview

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Symfony Live 2018

I attended the Symfony Live convention over two days in Paris.

Roadtrip in Greece

I spent two weeks in Greece. I rented a car and took a roadtrip around Peloponnesus region. I was able to visit all the major historical sites, enjoy incredible landscapes, visit an island and a many astonishing cities.

Ydra Island

Symfony Live 2017

I attended the Symfony Live convention over two days in Paris.

Inauguration of our associative bar

Our bar, la Nef des Fous, opened in March 2017. It is an associative bar (run by an association) runned by 5 employees at opening (and more later) and which offers restauration as well. It is open all week days except for thursdays. With some hindsight, I can say that the bar is really popular in the area and does pretty well.

Nef des Fous

Association presidency

I took the presidency of the Foyer des Jeunes de Falck for a year. This association promotes the culture in the countryside, helps to build relations between generations and also offers activities for children and teenagers as well.

Ludum Dare 34 - Thrust

I made this game during the 34th Ludum Dare (make a game in 48h contest) the theme of which was: “Two button controls”.

Game overview

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Hired at Nvision

I began to work at Nvision (Leudelange, Luxembourg) as a web developer.

  • I maintained and created countless websites
  • I developed suited REST APIs for the medical sector
  • I crafted applications with the client and the end users
  • I convinced my colleagues to convert to continuous integration and development

Potato Framework (C++)

Potato is a framework and a base to do a video game in C++ with SFML.

It is very outdated now and was my fist “start-up code” library to prototype small games quickly or to run for Ludum Dare contests.

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Ludum Dare 32 - Unikorn

I made this game during the 32nd Ludum Dare (make a game in 48h contest) the theme of which was: “An Unconventional Weapon”.

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Beginning of our associative bar

The idea of a bar managed by an association has been in the head of the members of the Foyer des Jeunes de Falck for a while, as well as in the head of a lot of people around us. But April 2015 marks the beggining of the serious work: create and define a project, set up the association, meet other associations, find a suitable premises, accountants, banks and a lot of administrative work in order to open our bar (spoilers: it will, almost two years later under the name Nef des Fous).

Ludotek management software

I created a software for the “ludothèque” (a library for board games) of the association Foyer des Jeunes de Falck, that allow the registration of members, the tracking of board games and their loans, useful statistics about the games and kind of games that are borrowed the most, etc.

First banjo

I bought my first banjo. It took some time to play something audible, I am still learning today.

Ludum Dare 31 - Dark Rabbit

I made this game during the 31st Ludum Dare (make a game in 48h contest) the theme of which was: “Entire game on one screen”.

Game overview

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Freelance developer

I began to work as a freelance developer.

  • I worked with the client to build the best suited solution
  • I learned how to work alone efficiently
  • I tried various frameworks and libraries

Ludum Dare 28 - Hammer Smash'em

I made this game during the 28th Ludum Dare (make a game in 48h contest) the theme of which was: “You only get one”.

Game overview

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Ludum Dare 27 - 10 seconds barrier

I made this game during the 27th Ludum Dare (make a game in 48h contest) the theme of which was: “10 seconds”.

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I made this game during the first SFML Game Jam (make a game in 72h) the theme of which was “Light and shadow”.

Game overview

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Hired at Secuserve

I began to work at Secuserve (Villeurbanne, France) as “Ingénieur R&D” in the continuation of my internship in the same company.

DUT Informatique

DUT en Informatique (option Systèmes Embarqués) à l’IUT de Clermont-Ferrand (63).

I passed my Diploma of Higher Education (university degree in technology) in computing in Clermont-Ferrand.

Lemurien - C++ Audio Player

Lemurien was a music player I made in C++ with Qt and was able to manage your playlists, extract information about the song when imported, to search through the music library and so on.

Of course since then a lot of music streaming services took over and it is now pointless to store music on our computers…


Intership at Secuserve

I began my internship at Secuserve (Villeurbanne, France) during which I had the opportunity to work on a collaborative document sharing platform for companies.

Espace Culturel Jean Ferrat

It was the first website I did for a customer: an association that proposes spectacles in a rebuilt barn. It was the first iteration of their website, now replaced by another version. The website allowed them to manage the content: shows and events to come, news about the cultural world and the association, ticket reservations.


BAFA obtenu avec Culture et Liberté.

I passed my Animation Capacity Diploma.

Driving License

I passed my driving license.


Baccalauréat S Sciences de l’ingénieur, mention Assez bien et Européenne Anglais.

I passed my Scientific high school degree with a specialty in engineering.

Journey to San Francisco

I spent two weeks in San Francisco and Berkeley. It was great, I had the chance to visit the city, go to a comic convention, go hicking, go to a concert in the Fillmore Auditorium, enjoy the campus of Berkeley University, meet people in a High School in Oakland and so many other things.

I even bought my first musical instrument there: an Ibanez guitar that I still own today.

First website -

A long gone Harry Potter fan website with a virtual magic school, lessons, magic duels and more. It was the first real web project I did, with my cousin, and it certainly put us on the path of computer programming.


I was born that day. I remember it, it was a Monday.